Big Picture:

Our goal is to help you grow your junk removal business. We want to help build a web presence that can be a long term foundation for your company and produce daily, consistent, high-quality leads. We are easy to work with and really want to see you succeed.

How It Works:
  1. We work month-to-month with no contracts

  2. We use SEO & Marketing strategies that have been proven to work for the junk removal industry

  3. We take a strategic & long-term approach to all our clients

  4. First we have a phone call to discuss your goals & business needs

  5. In the first month, our goal is to lay a strong foundation: improving your website or building a new one & expanding your business's online presence to 50+ online business directories.

  6. From there we work hard each month to improve your search engine rankings in Google & Bing.

  7. We send monthly keyword ranking & traffic reports so you can see the results of our work directly

  8. As you rank higher & higher you will receive more and more phone call & email leads

  9. We also offer tools & tactics to help you get as many 5-star reviews as possible

  10. Depending on your Growth Plan, we also offer strategies to help you get more commercial clients (apartment complexes, remodelers, real estate agencies, property management companies, and more).

We are looking for long-term, growth-minded business owners. If that is you, get in touch!

Email: hello@junkpros.net
Phone: (404) 666-5300